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Long Term Depression & Anxiety

“Having suffered from long-term depression and anxiety, I have found auricular acupuncture really helpful and beneficial.  The sessions are relaxing and reassuring, with everything discussed and explained clearly.  Dr Law has a friendly and calming manner, which would reassure anyone.

I began to feel better after the very first visit, and subsequent sessions have improved things more and more.  In addition, I have been given useful advice on ways to keep healthy and feel better in daily life.  I would happily recommend this clinic.”

G. T.


Trapped Nerve, Slipped Disc, Knee Pain & Allergic Rhinitis

“In 2000 after having my neck twisted, I had trapped a nerve which caused my shoulder to be very painful and could not move my arm.  After a year of physiotherapy and exercises, I still had a tight and painful arm and could not raise it very high.

Also several years ago I developed very painful knees and could not kneel down.  After meeting Dr Law and visiting his clinic and after one session my arm had improved dramatically; after 3 sessions the arm was back to normal. My knees were no longer painful and have been able to kneel down properly once more.

He also applied treatment to my lower back pain which I have had for twelve years after slipping a disc.  And again the pain was reduced and has very little discomfort since treatment.

Dr Law has also started treatment on my allergic rhinitis and once again after only 3 treatments I find that I can breathe through the nose properly and the painful sinus area has not re occurred.

The clinic treatment room is very welcoming.  Dr Law is very professional, but friendly and knowledgeable about his profession.  I felt safe and comfortable with his treatments.  I shall return for more treatments as time goes by.

I have recommended the auricular treatment to many of my friends as I found it to be the only one that has really worked for me.”

N. J.


Unknown Skin Allergies

“I just wanted to write and thank you for the treatment I received from you recently.  My skin condition has now completely gone thanks to your expertise.

I must confess that before my first visit I was a little nervous about the prospect of acupuncture, but you made it a very enjoyable and relaxing experience as well as a very effective method of healing.

It is indeed an amazing science and I will certainly return if I have any other health issues you can help with.

Thank you very much”

R. T.


15 years neck, shoulder and Lower back – Pain Free after just 4 treatments

“Following a car crash many years ago and having, apparently, a funny shaped spine, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would always be in some degree of pain or discomfort in my neck, shoulders and lower back. I have spent a fortune on visits to the physiotherapist, osteopath and chiropractor over the last 15 years with no real relief. I definitely had improvements from my first visit to you and having now had four treatments have been pain free for most of the time since and feel a lot stronger.

I know you also worked initially on my anxiety and this area has greatly improved also. I am calmer and loads more relaxed, have increased energy and sleep really well every night.

As a result I have been able to re-introduce regular exercise to my life which I hadn’t been able to do/had the confidence to do, for 5 years.

Overall, the results have been brilliant and I am a much happier person than I was a month ago.”

E. G.


Chronic Anxiety

“I have been suffering with chronic anxiety for the past three years but since visiting Dr Law I feel much more like my old self again.

From the initial assessment and at each of my treatments, Dr Law has been so helpful and reassuring and the Auricular Therapy has been performed in the most relaxing and calm environment.

I always leave the clinic feeling positive and know that the therapy has been so beneficial.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this clinic. Dr Law has helped me enormously.”

Y. B.


Chronic Recurrent Migraine

“I was referred to Kia for treatment for chronic recurrent migraines. I have been suffering from them for seventeen years (17) and the effects unlike a “standard headache” can be quite debilitating (including loss of vision).  I have seen countless doctors and specialists and tried pretty much every form of medication on the market, read countless articles and books on how to change your lifestyle to manage them, but traditional medicine has completely failed me (or at least it only provides light temporary relief until the next attack kicks in).

I have so far had four treatments with Kia, and had instant pain relief which thankfully appears to be ongoing.  He didn’t even use needles so there was no pain and discomfort involved!

I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for pain relief, the effects have been quite extraordinary!”

D. I.


Chronic Sciatica Radiating Down Medial Side of Leg and Knee Pain

“I met Kia at a business event at a time that I was experiencing lower back and leg pains, and a few days before going on holiday. I needed help, and although I was unfamiliar with Kia’s method of expertise, he impressed me with his calm nature and professional image, so I decided to “give it a go”.

Kia was able to adjust his schedule to see me quickly based on my circumstances. The treatment he provided certainly helped me and eased the pain considerably, enabling me to enjoy my holiday to the full.

I am certainly pleased to have met Kia and experienced Auricular Therapy, and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

N. S.


Shoulder Pain & Sleep Problems

“My wife had been suffering from a painful shoulder that her chiropractor couldn’t seem to help her with.

I suggested that she see Kia and during her first consultation she confided that she also hadn’t been sleeping very well lately- not just from the painful shoulder but lack of sleep being emotional/stress related.

After one session the shoulder started to improve and she had the best sleep in ages.

I recommended anyone with any sort of problem to go and see him – he really is a magician.”

R. C.


Lower Abdominal Pain (Ileo- sacral valve dysfunction)

“As a professional sports coach and personal trainer, I have, over the years, suffered from a number of minor injuries and general aches and pains.

I have used many healthcare practitioners, including osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors, but none of them have been able to heal me as quickly and painlessly as Kia.

He is a miracle worker!”

A. P.


Non Needle Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

“I came to Kia seeking treatment for IBS, a painful condition which has no real treatment in modern medicine.  Kia has convinced me that he could help me so I decided to go for a short course of treatment.

On my first treatment, I was fairly nervous, but Kia immediately settled me with a cup of green tea and his wonderful bedside manner.  When the actual treatment began there was no pain, just a small tingling sensation in my ear.  The effects, however was immediate and profound.  My stomach immediately settled and all the pain went away. He also helped my neck and back pain.

After the treatment, Kia was in touch frequently checking on my conditions. Now that I have completed the course, my IBS has gone away and I am much better for it.  

I highly recommend Nonsuch Auricular Therapy for IBS and for anyone who is put off by the thought of needles (there aren’t any!), but is interested in having acupuncture.”

S. P.


Ankle Sprain

“I am writing to thank you for the work you carried out to promote healing in my ankle, I had been suffering for many months following a sprain and had visited a physiotherapist and treatment there, and carried out the exercises they gave me, but I was still in pain.

After a few visits with you, my ankle gradually began to feel better, and eventually there was no pain at all.

The treatment you gave was so painless, and the information you provided was so fascinating about how the body works.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone suffering from discomfort.”

K. H.


Healed Arm and Leg Injury in Just a Few Minutes

Dr Kia Sang Law comes highly recommended by me.  He has healed my arm after a very bad fall and helped a colleague with a stroke and healed another of my student of mine with a leg injury in just a few minutes.

Dr Kia Sang Law is a gifted and intuitive healer.

M. A. F

The School of Psychic Studies


Osteoarthritis (Arthrosis) with Tight Muscles and Stiffness

I have been treated by Kia over a period of 4 months, every week for a month then approximately 3 weekly for my arthritis, tight muscles and dreadful stiffness.

After his treatments, I felt great relief and am able to bend without feeling I will break in half. I walk twice a weekly and have way more energy then I imagined I would ever get back.

I intend having ongoing follow up when I am feeling my muscles tightening up again.





The first session my sinuses were completely open and my breathing was fantastic!

B. H.



My sciatic nerve in the right leg was wonderfully helped by Kia after 4 sessionss, the pain has now gone, thanks to Kia.

I will certainly recommend Kia to my friends and family. I will also be  back for have further treatments.

Yours sincerely



Energy Balancing Session

Dear Kia,

Thank you for an interesting and informative consultation today. I was very impressed with the accuracy of your diagnosis and am delighted to say that my aching  joints are feeling noticeably better.

The treatment was very relaxing and completely painless. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.