Alarm Point Kinesiology

Alarm Point Kinesiology

Scan_Pic0010We use both arm raise and O-Ring Kinesiology with any indicator muscles for diagnosis. This form of kinesiology is simple to use and proved to be consistent and reproducible form of energetic diagnosis to enable us to evaluate your energy status.

Kinesiology is the testing of a convenient indicator muscle to obtain energetic information of your body. A strong response of the indicator muscle shows a positive energy status of your body part under evaluation whereas a weak response reveal blockage or disconnection based on the Law of Response.

O-Ring Kinesiology

O-Ring Kinesiology can be applied at the body alarm or Mu points of the body to test the energetic status of the body. The Alarm-Mu point primarily gives the direct information of the organs under test. Meanwhile, abdominal palpation technique provides information of the Meridian system.

Both these methods give a complete energetic evaluation of the body in a very short time.